FrankPastizzoFrank presents keynote addresses and powerful team building and leadership coaching to companies, health facilites, schools, factories, governmental organizations, banks and many different associations nationwide. After presenting at state, regional and national conferences, Frank is often immediately invited to present his morale-building and humanizing seminars to individual companies.

Seeing all services as human services, Mr. Pastizzo draws upon over thirty years of experience as an Emergency Room Technician, a high school English and Drama and Special Education Teacher, a Health Care Administrator, Marketing Executive, Professional Actor, Comic, and Musician. His energetic programs are sparked with comedy, live music, and poignant stories from the arenas of business, health care, and education to assist our workplaces in reflecting the values of kindness and respect.

“Masters in the art of living know no clear distinction between their work and their play, their labor or their recreation. They hardly know which is which. They simply pursue their vision of excellence through whatever they are doing and leave others to determine whether they are at work or at play. To themselves they always seem to be doing both.”
– Louis Lamour

  • Opening and Closing Conference Addresses
  • Half-day Seminars for Large & Small Agencies
  • Regional Tours for Multiple Organizations
  • Faculty & Staff Development Seminars
  • Youth Leadership Workshops
  • Inspirational Presentations for Persons in Recovery