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Our New Book!
Warming Up The Workplace
… a compilation of thirty-eight of our favorite and most popular monthly columns
from the last 5 years, along with a reprinting of our first book, CHERISH, at the back.

“Normally when I get Frank and Sue’s newsletter, it takes a while for me to read it. While it is always in the ‘important’ pile, it is not usually in the ‘important & urgent’ pile, like way too many things are; so sometimes several days pass before I get to read it. Rarely a month goes by that I don’t regret not having read it sooner, because there are always one or two subtle (or maybe not so subtle) messages that truly impact the way I do things or treat people. Frank and Sue are so tuned in to people and perceptions, and all the interactions and dynamics (most often unintended and unforeseen) that result, that their message is valuable no matter how long you wait to read it, or how many times you read it. Many thanks to you both. You provide a great resource!”

Robert W. Bertram
Sr. Director of University Facilities – Tufts University


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“I’m an engineer, and when I was in school, soft subjects like psychology and sociology never interested me much. If it wasn’t math or science or something analytical, I pretty much avoided it. But I’ve learned through experience that getting along with people, understanding what motivates the people you work with, respecting them as equals, are the keys to getting things done efficiently. The relationships we develop with the people around us directly impact our effectiveness in getting our jobs done, and how much we accomplish as a whole. Frank and Susan help us loosen up and consider our relationships with coworkers, and how that could help us all improve.”

Dwayne Intveld
Engineering Manager, Product Evaluation, John Deere, Construction and Forestry Division, Dubuque , IA “Through their past careers and life experiences, Frank and Susan Pastizzo have gained a deep understanding of the importance of human relationships in the workplace and how simple behavior choices can turn a potential negative experience into a positive and meaningful one. Spend an hour with Frank and Sue in the pages of this book, and you’ll walk away with advice and suggestions that will give a fresh new perspective on some simple personal changes you can make to make every workday meaningful and fun.”

Stewart Foster, Project Manager, IBM “Attitude and free will – we all have choices throughout every day choices to view things through a positive lens or a negative lens. I often hear people say “that person has such an attitude!” By saying only the word “attitude,” it is immediately understood by most people that the person mentioned has a negative attitude. Today I am going to choose to view my world positively, not react to anything in an angry manner, and to try to understand others. After all, people aren’t necessarily difficult, they are different. Frank and Susan’s book affirms my belief.”

Carl Petitto
OTR/L, CHCC, Owner,
Adirondack Physical & Occupational Therapy, LLC “Frank Pastizzo had something to say that touched each person’s life and job situation. His presentation is hilarious and entertaining while still making his audiences think about how they work and interact with other people. Frank’s seminar is truly captivating and motivating.”

Tom Grove
President and CEO, Oregon Pacific Banking Company “Humor and laughter have long been known to aid healing and promote health. It was not until Frank Pastizzo came along that we have been able to experience this healing through humor as health professionals. After all, isn’t it, “Physician, heal thyself.”? Frank’s experiences as a health care worker and his knowledge of health care professionals enable him to accurately hit the funny bone of health care providers as they are both entertained and enlightened. Frank talks the health care professional’s language. He teaches us that we are not alone in our reactions to pain, fear, suffering, joy, and the awe, that is health care. After spending time with Frank in his world and getting exposed to his obviously exuberant take on life and health care, we can all go back to our health care jobs renewed with more compassion…. and a smile!”

Kim Byas, Sr., MPH
Regional Executive, American Hospital Association “Frank Pastizzo’s presentations have been extremely well received by employees at all levels of the school system. He has brought joy to many people and caused them to pause and think about important issues, while at the same time being genuinely and totally entertained!”

John P. O’Connor, Staff Development Supervisor,
Loudoun County, VA Public Schools “I was in the audience at AuSable Valley Central School today. On my way out, I purchased your book and told you that your presentation was the BEST opening day presentation I had attended in nineteen years of teaching. I was serious. This afternoon, you demonstrated what we know about what kids (and adults) all need to learn. You showed us with your wit, your stories, and your music. You made us feel like we’re a part of the whole, that we’re in this together. I so enjoyed laughing and crying with you this afternoon. You can be sure that this is one opening day of a new school year that none of us will forget. I will carry your message of CHERISH with me throughout the year and into the years ahead. Thank you.”

Sarah Smithson Keeseville, NY Elementary School “The vibrations rippling across campus here as the result of your presentations are tremendous, positive, and uplifting to say the least. Thanks again for being the right person with the right message at the right time in the right place!”

Randall J. VanWagoner, Ph.D.
President, Mohawk Valley Community College “You both are what the fields of entertainment, presentation and education are all about. Merging comedy, music, education, community, suffering, sadness, family, happiness (too many to name) along with just a plain old sense of togetherness; it’s exactly what businesses, colleges, high schools, hospitals and human service need in today’s day and age.”

Bill Dustin, President, The Central New York Showcase “You are fantastic! After seeing you speak in New York , I knew you would be a smash at our national conference. You were! Thank you for your inspiring and laugh-filled message. You have wonderful energy!”

Tammara Geary
National Association of Persons in Supported Employment (APSE): “You were amazing. I am booking you immediately for National APSE!”

2016 Tug Hill Plateau Local Government Conference: Frank was the best keynote speaker to date. This was my seventh local government conference! … “I really liked keynote speaker in spite of thinking I wouldn’t!” … “Great keynote speaker! Outstanding!”