Frank is always interactive, and includes comedy, theater, music, story telling and group exercises whenever he presents. Programs are tailored to helping individuals and work teams appreciate each others’ skills and points of view, promoting cooperation and productivity. The outcome is more tolerant, supportive, goal-oriented organizations and environments.

Frank inspires people without being religious or sentimental. He is sincere and down-to-earth. After he does a presentation, there are usually ten to fifteen people of various backgrounds lingering to spend more time with him and share common experiences.

Organizations have called on Frank to alleviate friction between departments and ranks, leaving people mindful that they have common goals, the most important being that each person realize his or her own value as a contributor to the whole — the whole product, the whole service, the whole environment, and the whole energy of the workplace. General program ideas include:

Customer Service and Diversity

Morale and Team Building

Humanize and Humorize

Keynotes and Workshops