Audience Reviews

Frank Pastizzo had something to say that touched each person’s life and job situation. His presentation is hilarious and entertaining while still making his audiences think about how they work and interact with other people. Frank’s seminar is truly captivating and motivating .
Tom Grove
President and CEO,
Oregon Pacific Banking Company

Frank Pastizzo is the most universally appreciated motivational speaker that I have had the good fortune to encounter. From the Executive Suite to the Front Line, Frank’s ability to entertain, while driving home very important messages is unsurpassed. And staff from all walks of life and levels of authority can enjoy and learn from Frank together. That shared camaraderie in itself is as important as his message. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience Frank.
Tom Coakley
VP Administrative Operations
St. Lawrence University

Your presentation at last week’s conference was fantastic! I can’t remember when I have laughed so much or had more to think about in terms of attitude of people in the workplace.
Stan Lundine, Chautauqua County Health Network Director and Former New York Lieutenant Governor

Mr. Pastizzo was triumphant in reaching our workforce with his message as evidenced by the energetic reception he received from his audience and the positive feedback we continue to receive. He helped us laugh, have fun, and enjoy a positive experience together. Each of us left the program with a greater appreciation of and tolerance for one another’s talents, abilities, and points of view. His program was relevant to all of us, regardless of rank, position, or job title.
Thomas Costello, Director, Ulster County Personnel Office

I often gauge the value and effectiveness of programs on whether they move me to laugh or cry. Yours did both … thank you. It was a joy to experience.
Pam Short, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council, Jefferson County, NY

I have attended many presentations in my 25 years in organization development and human resource management. I cannot think of a presentation that had me captured as much as yours yesterday at the Iowa State Human Resource Manager’s Conference. Fantastic job! Your message has substance, which is a pleasant change.
Bob Cenek, Cenek Company, Cedar Rapids, IA

Frank Pastizzo’s presentations have been extremely well received by employees at all levels of the school system. He has brought joy to many people and caused them to pause and think about important issues, while at the same time being genuinely and totally entertained!
John P. O’Connor,
Staff Development Supervisor
Loudoun County (Virginia) Public Schools

I laughed until I cried. It was so refreshing to have a meeting like this. To be able to combine comedy with his message about our work culture was great. I heard a lot of great comments – employees telling their co-workers that they HAD to go – they couldn’t miss this meeting!
Molly Ploessl
Material Coordinator
John Deere Dubuque Works
March 2004

This was one of the 2 best meetings I had in my 9 years at Deere. The other one was that Safety meeting with the acting troupe a few years ago.
Thanks, I really enjoyed Frank Pastizzo.
Christopher Rampton
John Deere Dubuque Works
March 2004

You inspired me and many others with your presentation. What a great week it was! The feedback is extremely positive. It is so exciting to see people smile and say how much they enjoyed you. Smiles are hard to come by at the factory with the expectations and hours that we work.
Pamela Hillary
Leadership Development
John Deere Dubuque Works
March 2004

This past year’s highest rated Super Regional speaker…”
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College Stores of New England
“Humor and laughter have long been known to aid healing and promote health. It was not until Frank Pastizzo came along that we have been able to experience this healing through humor as health professionals. After all, isn’t it, “Physician, heal thyself.”? Frank’s experiences as a health care worker and his knowledge of health care professionals enable him to accurately hit the funny bone of health care providers as they are both entertained and enlightened. Frank talks the health care professional’s language. He teaches us that we are not alone in our reactions to pain, fear, suffering, joy, and the awe, that is health care. After spending time with Frank in his world and getting exposed to his obviously exuberant take on life and health care, we can all go back to our health care jobs renewed with more compassion…and a smile!”
Kim Byas, Sr., MPH
Regional Executive
American Hospital Association

That was a great presentation…it awakened a lot of things I had learned but had forgotten to use.
Tom Teal, Skilled Trades
John Deere Dubuque Works

I cannot even begin to say how much Frank had touched all of us that day. Our emotions were up and down, up and down… a true performer who captures the audience and keeps you wanting more. Frank is an extraordinary man who is doing more then just performing. He is touching people, and so true to Frank’s book signings, he writes ‘Keep it warm’ … many hearts were warmed that day.
Carla Elliot, HR Manager and IOWA SHRM State Conference Co-Chair

Your presentation at our annual convention was outstanding! We have already been inundated with calls to get you back here next year. How are we ever going to outdo a performance like yours? Thank you. You are fantastic!
Bev Herman, North Dakota Long Term Care Association

What a fantastic way to recharge our human service batteries. I have not enjoyed myself so much in years. I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to have true, hard belly laughs. Thank you for helping our organization come together and have such a positive experience together.
Gary Donnelly, Arc of Anchorage, Alaska

You are fantastic! After seeing you speak in New York, I knew you would be a smash at our national conference. You were! Thank you for your inspiring and laugh-filled message. You have wonderful energy!
Tammara Geary, National Association of Persons in Supported Employment (APSE)

I really appreciated Frank’s presentation last week. It was a refreshing departure from our typical all employee meetings, focusing on employee relationships that are so critical to our business running smoothly. I’m an engineer, and when I was in school, those soft subjects like psychology and sociology never interested me much. If it wasn’t math or science or something analytical, I pretty much avoided it. But I’ve learned through experience that getting along with people, understanding what motivates the people that you work with, respecting them as equals, is one of the keys to getting things done efficiently. The relationships we develop with the people around us directly impact our effectiveness in getting our jobs done, and how much we accomplish as a whole. Frank helped us loosen up and consider our relationships with coworkers, and how that could help us all improve.
Dwayne Intveld
Engineering Manager, Product Evaluation
John Deere Construction & Forestry Division
March 2004

In a way it is a shame we need to be reminded to respect and acknowledge others, but what a wonderful way to be reminded. I can only hope that I can CHERISH as a result of attending this session.
Mary Ann Conzett,
Information Technology Analyst
John Deere Dubuque Works

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